because I aim only for the best for your wedding.

My agency Eventi&20 and I have been planning and organizing weddings and events for over fifteen years.

I’ll put my passion and my good taste at the service of all your wishes. We’ll take care of every detail, whether it’s about the ceremony or the flowers or the mise en place. Your wedding will be remembered for its harmony and beauty. Together, we’ll make this event unique and unforgettable. We can offer you many services for the organization of your wedding:

Choosing Italy to celebrate your wedding day will undoubtedly give you and your guests a day to remember for the rest of your lives. Italy is a country rich in art, culture, landscapes and history coupled with its ancient traditions, renowned cuisine and breathtaking locations. All these aspects contribute to make it a magical wedding destination.

The team Eventi&20 will work to custom design your ideal wedding, and it will operate with a flair of style and eye for details at each and every step along the way.

Among the services that Eventi&20 can offer or perform for your wedding, we can mention:


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Floral Design

Flowers play an important role on your wedding day. Eventi&20 work with artistic and highly creative floral designer, to explain and experiment with new shapes, colours and materials, with fresh flowers, foliage and natural materials which they bring together to create beautiful floral display.

Our florists pay the utmost attention to colour, using a skilfully selected range of colours to create harmonious, yet contrasting and photogenic compositions. Our collaborators are highly competent, reliable and work autonomously.

They will listen carefully to your ideas and requests and transform them into an usual delight.
We guarantee their presence during the entire event: not only to decorate, but also to supervise the general set-up.


Eventi&20 will thrill you with light, creating suggestive settings and atmospheres, making your event unique. Our Lighting Designers will design and install the lighting backdrop of your chosen location, creating dreamlike atmospheres that will surprise you and your guests.

Our secret? To create an unforgettable wedding, recreating unique and atmospheric settings with the use of light and colour, which together with the floral arrangements give the venue its overall impact. It is indeed possible to integrate LED lighting perfectly with the traditional architecture of a location, and respecting the building’s aesthetic and style.

We will carefully study the different plays of light, so as to create a subtle and non invasive lighting to guests, but on the contrary, a wonderful experience.
We will personalize the lighting throughout every single moment of your event with strategic changes of scenery, from delicate shades of light for the most intimate moments of the day, to the liveliest and brightest for the cutting of the cake and the party.

Finally we will also take care of designing the audio and video systems, fireworks, special effects, light fountains, musical set up for the ceremony and party and any other forms of entertainment requested.


With Eventi&20 you will have the opportunity to choose from a range of taste settings adhering to your style, taste and budget.
We are able to offer you different solutions, which reflect your style and character as a couple, but which also are in keeping with the local characteristics of the region you have chosen for your event.

Whether it is an informal or a prestigious wedding, we will make your table settings unique and special: we will work to find arrangements that work best for you, personalizing each and every detail.


Whether it is a more traditional Italian style cake, or a traditional tier cake, it is important that the cake is in perfect harmony with your event. An infinite range of flavours, textures and decorations can be drawn upon to meet your tastes, and at the same time in keeping with the overall theme and tone of your event.

Italy is renowned for its patisserie and gourmandises. Our master patissiers across the country will create a wedding cake for you that is not only a triumph of flavour and aesthetics, but also an important centrepiece for the day.
Upon request, Eventi&20 can also assemble a table decorated with confetti (sugared almonds).

It is traditional at Italian weddings to have a table of confetti or similar sweet treats on display for your guests to help themselves to at the end of the reception. Eventi&20 can upon request assemble a beautiful display, decorated with candles or flowers, with a tempting assortment of colourful sugared almonds or petit fours.


Based on your favourite colour or chosen theme of the event, we will customize and design the suite of wedding stationary for you. This can be anything from modern and bright, to classic or vintage, always tailored to your personal preference. Each element from drafts, ideas, images, contests will be designed by us to be unique and individual to you.

Wedding suites with graphic or watercolour style, classics or glamor, all studied in the smallest detail step by step with you.

Inspirations and ideas, graphic drafts, press proofs, everything will be home made and created specifically to impress your guests.


Artistic shots and films to capture the best day, Eventi&20 collaborates with some of the best Italian photographers in the sector.
We will kindly identify the photographic genre that appeals to you most and reflective of your style. We will find the photographer who will be able to portray your special day in the right way, capturing every moment in the right way.

We will work on the style that best suits your needs and, when complete, your photo album, whether it is classic or reportage, will tell a story of your wedding day through images taken in both colour and black and white. You will of course decide the colour based on your preference.

Every single moment of the day will be captured in beautiful images that will seize every nuance of this unforgettable day and when you will look back in life, will help you relive the feelings, smells and atmosphere of that day.
Events&20 will be with you every step of the way of what will be your most wonderful, unforgettable day.

But not only if you choose, we will be with you to capture the emotions of your engagement and your welcome dinner party. If you would like a film to recreate in motion and sound every particular moment, we will reproduce with great skills dream movies, always and only relying on specialized operators.


Setting up a buffet that is a joy for the eyes even before the palate requires a great mastery in coordinating the various elements; this can only be guaranteed by working with a professional team.
Italy is renowned for its talented chefs but even more for their love for eating and drinking well. It is thanks to Italy’s strong regional and culinary traditions that we will be able to include a flavour of local Italian cuisine to your wedding, for your guests to enjoy and discover.

Italian cuisine is known in the world for its simplicity, freshness and quality of its ingredients and for its wide variety of dishes.
Today there are an infinite number of regional dishes that can be found throughout the country, including cheeses and wines which often carry a geographic guarantee of geo origin (DOC). Rich regional produces extend also to fish, fruit, vegetables, bread (of which there are innumerable types), not to mention “pizza”, which is today the most consumed Italian food in the world.

It is traditional in Italy to serve a rich buffet of finger food and goodies at the aperitif to welcome guests to the reception. A wide selection of meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads and fish are put on display and also served by professional waiters to your guests.
Guests are then seated at the table for lunch/dinner, where the meals usually commences with a hot starter, followed by a first course of rice or pasta, a main course of meat or fish, according to your preferences, and a side dish. Finally to conclude, a plated dessert, fresh fruit and Italian bite size pastries too, for a sweet ending to your meal.

Eventi&20 works with chefs and caters who are reliable and trustworthiness and have true required skills to organize the whole event, from the aperitif to the wedding cake, entirely home-made, and with simple but personalized proposals to meet your wishes, complementary to the region you are in and, of course, with respect to your budget.

Given Italy’s reputation for its award winning wines, we also pay special attention to these choices matching wines with your food courses. This will allow you to sample Italy’s very great wines, from Italian sweet Moscato to full bodied reds and fresh, crisp, sparkling whites, all DOC and DOCG certified.

wedding music

Local singers, folk music groups or a DJ set can be arranged to create an unforgettable wedding party. After all, every party needs music!

Music plays a key role in setting a special atmosphere and so needs to be carefully considered to make the right choice, wether it be a string quartet or a DJ.

Music during the ceremony should emphasize the importance of the commitment you are making and complement the emotional atmosphere. Here are some guidelines for choosing the most suitable musical accompaniment to your reception:

A Catholic Service
The wedding day is such a poignant occasion that it ought to be emphasised with the appropriate musical accompaniment, but at the same time not be overpowering.

If you have opted for the Catholic ceremony, you will have to take particular care in choosing the music that will accompany it.
The chosen Church itself can often dictate the repertoire and the instruments for the event. For example: If it is an ancient and majestic basilica with a beautiful organ from the 700/800’s, it may be worthwhile to take advantage of the opportunity to use such an imposing instrument, assuming it is played by a good organist.

For large Churches, a chorus, or even an orchestra, are often expected.
In a religious building of a more modest size, but of ancient architecture, small musical formations, from duo to quartet, may be a suitable option.

A Civil Ceremony
Music should be used to highlight at least the arrival and exit of the couple, as well as a musical interlude to fill the “dead moments” of the ceremony.
It goes without saying that this type of ceremony allows for greater freedom than in the Church. At a civil ceremony, the musical repertoire can easily range from film soundtracks to love songs, and perhaps to songs which have a sentimental significant to the couple.

A Protestant ceremony
A Protestant ceremony is more informal than a Catholic ceremony, and allows the couple more freedom regarding the music.
Music can therefore be present not only at the usual moments, but also as an instrumental accompaniment to the songs sung by the congregation, thus making it an all inclusive event, in which the guests participate.

A Jewish Ceremony
A Jewish wedding generally utilizes a soloist who recites sacred songs or hymns from the Book of Psalms in the Bible.
As such, the musical accompaniment provides only a discreet and harmonious background, often punctuated by the notes of the kinnor or the harp.

venue & accomodation

The wedding venue plays an important role in making your wedding day a unique and unforgettable occasion. Apart from gaging the overall feel and atmosphere of a venue, we must also take into account a number of practical elements that will inevitably influence your decision.

  • The distance  from the Church or from the Town Hall
  • The number of guests that can be accomodated
  • The season and time of the ceremony
  • The suitability for children 

We always recommend opting for a large and spacious venue to give your guests more comfort and freedom. The gala hall of a hotel in the city, a countryside villa, a ballroom or a warehouse   loft are all suitable solutions from that perspective. Benefiting from our experience in this field, we will help you create a unique and captivating atmosphere in a beautiful setting.

Imagine for a moment you are  immersed in the evocative atmosphere of a bright starry night, surrounded by hundreds of tealight candles placed inside coloured glass jars hanging from the tree branches, above tables covered delicately with moss and petals. If this is your vision of a fairy tale wedding, we would be happy to make it a reality!

The type of venue will be determined by the type of atmosphere you want to create, but here are some of the possibilities for you to choose from!

The Historic Villa
The splendour of a noble residence, the stately park and the green geometries of an Italian garden; fountains, water lilies, hidden pathways and mazes: this is the perfect solution for those seeking a formal and elegant wedding.

The Castle 
An exclusive venue for a romantic and magical wedding. Towers and turrets, portals and magnificent staircases make up this grandeur setting, often adorned with frescoes, paintings and coat of arms, but less sumptuous than the villas. A castle can create an imposing and lavish setting particularly in winter, when a light dusting of snowfall can add the cherry on the cake!

The Historic home
This is the ideal setting for those who want a refined and elegant reception, whilst maintaining an urban location.
This is a particularly good solution for winter weddings, when even the most beautiful parks or gardens lose some of their charm and are not available for the reception, due to the cold weather.

Generally the room or rooms with their venue will be chosen according to the type of reception and number of guests, depending on whether it is an intimate cocktail party or a dinner and dance. The most traditional choice is a restaurant, but a farmhouse can be a good alternative.

The restaurant
The most popular choice, wether it be urban or rural, by the lakes, in the mountains or by the sea. It is an ideal solution for those wanting to have a wedding breakfast during the day and looking for a more intimate and relaxed setting. This solution offers you a high standard of cuisine, panoramic views and welcoming interiors.

In many restaurants, you can choose a particular suggestive area of the establishment, such as the veranda, elegant terrace or one of the individually decorated rooms.

The farmhouse
In contact with nature, free from rigorous glories and formalities, the perfect venue for a rustic, bohemian wedding, in touch with nature and down to earth in every sense. The dress, the bouquet and the decorations will therefore be in harmony with freshness and colour.

The Loft
For an unusual and alternative reception, this is an option for the more non-conformist of couples. This space is housed inside an old industrial building or warehouse, and comprises a single large room with high ceilings purposefully simple and minimalist. Lighting penetrates through large windows and skylights.

Essentially a blank reception space for you to decorate as per your personal tastes, with very few restrictions. The space lends itself well to those wishing to make their mark, for example with carefully chosen plants it can be transformed  into a tropical greenhouse.


Thank you for coming, thank you for being with us, thank you for sharing so much joy. . .
The wedding favours send our guests a message, but they are also a sign of style and personality, and represent a moment of farewell and a nice way of saying thank you.
Wedding favours are more than just a detail. They symbolize the union of the new couple and remember a special day: that of marriage.

They are a small gift that the spouses make to all the guests to thank them for their presence. There are many types, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and they are, once again, chosen according to personal tastes. There are no precise rules or constraints imposed. However, as a general rule, it is an object that always remind us the day you said “ yes” and that is in keeping with the theme and the style of the ceremony.

In this regard, it is necessary to pay close attention to the chosen materials.
For a classic wedding, they will come in the form of porcelain, ceramics and of course silver, crystal or silver-plated. For a more refined result, they can also be combined with tulle or lace.


For the bride, the choice of makeup and hairstyle is a moment of pampering to be shared with the bridesmaids and her mother, but it is also very important that it be done with the help of real professionals. We at Eventi&20 will guide you to the professional best suited to your needs and from a short list of at least three candidates, you will have an informal meeting with them to decide.

We will help you in the various steps of preparation: from the preliminary meeting and the first trial to the big day. Our professionals will interpret your wishes and harmonize them with the whole context of the wedding, for you and for your bridesmaids.

And, since beauty lies in the details, why not treat your hands and feet before the event?
Specialized salons will be identified and suggested, even if the best choice may be to rely only on hairdressers and make-up artists based in the vicinity of the event, in order to facilitate preparation and management.





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entertainment for children

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