According to current regulations, there are three possibilities for a marriage to be celebrated in Italy:

  1. The religious rite, celebrated by a religious representative of the Catholic Church
  2. The civil rite, celebrated by a registrar in the Town Hall
  3. The concordat rite, together with symbolic marriages of various kinds

A foreign citizen, even if not a resident or domiciled in the Peninsula, can marry civilly or religiously in Italy, but it is fundamental that the rite is carried out before a diplomatic or consular authority of the country of origin, or, according to the Italian law, before a registrar or, if the rite is religious, in front of a Catholic minister, in respect of the rules of the concordat rite.

These procedures are rather simple but may vary, according to the country of origin of the citizens that intend to marry.
Eventi&20 will take charge of all administrative required procedures for contracting the marriage within the chosen municipality. In order to be sure of having complete documentation, from every point of view, we will take care of the whole process, organizing all the necessary appointments and arranging all the necessary documents on behalf of the spouses.

Here are some basic stages for preparing the necessary documents:

Requested documents: 

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Family status
  • Parental consent or guardian consent in the case of a minor partner (under 18)
  • Legalized “no impediment to proceed” certificate (statement showing that there is no obstacle to marriage)

All documents produced must be translated into Italian and must be transcribed by an agency authorized by the Italian Consulate.

Timing for getting married in Italy:

It is advisable to anticipate the preparation by requesting the documents at least 6 months before the date set for the wedding, considering that the documents, especially those coming from abroad, must pass through embassies, municipalities and parishes.




This type of marriage with a symbolic rite does not require the production of any document and is chosen when one wants to marry in a place where the civil ceremony cannot be carried out.
The ceremony has no legal value, therefore it can be organized in any place: gardens or parks, period residences, vineyards, location by the sea or private villas.

This type of formula is in great demand in Italy, also considering the fact that the text formula can be completely customized.

Before organizing the symbolic ceremony, we suggest to define times and procedures for the civil rite, which can only be done in a municipal office, a few days before or even the same day.
Alternatively, many couples decide to get married in their own country and then carry out the symbolic ceremony in Italy, during the wedding reception.

Civil Rite

Marriage with a civil ceremony celebrated in Italy is legally binding in any foreign country recognized by the Italian government.
It can be celebrated only in the municipal office at the Town Hall or in designated places of the Municipality.
It is usually officiated by the Mayor or by a Councilor and does not provide any religious blessing, being made strictly following the articles of the Italian Civil Code.

Locations for civil marriages in Italy are usually available in every locality and in many cases absolutely prestigious.
Some Municipalities also offer the opportunity to celebrate outdoor weddings in private villas and castles. For the finalization of the ceremony an important paperwork is generally required, since the procedures are different according to the Municipality of reference.

Religious rite

Marriage with a religious rite can only be officiated in consecrated Catholic churches and cannot be organized outdoors, unless it is the blessing only.
In Italy there are extraordinary Churches with structures, furnishings and works of art with magnificent frescoes, mosaics, paintings and marble or bronze statues, which adapt to any dimension, style and level of the ceremony.
To carry out this type of ceremony in Italy, it is necessary to produce a specific documentation that is managed jointly among different organisms:

  • the parish priest of the Municipality of residence
  • the Curia where the ceremony will take place
  • the place of birth Municipality or the Consulate
  • the parish priest where the ceremony will be carry out


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