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What to say, after many years of work I have known many beautiful couples with whom I have designed, created and shared unique and unforgettable moments.

To my great emotion this is the memory that some of them have left upon me.

Dear Valentina, if I had to summarize in a few words the qualities that distinguish your work I would certainly say professionalism, attention to details and attention to the needs of the spouses. I still live with pleasure the emotion of that day through the memories and testimonies of our friends invited to the wedding, which you, with your professionalism and sensitivity, have surely made an unforgettable and special day. With immense gratitude and affection.
Brad & Laurel


Valentina was recommended to us by a friend and I thank her again! What to say, if you are looking for a professional she is the best. It’s the right person for you. From the first meeting you can perceive the highest level of professionalism and the passion that she has for her work. Only a mix of these two elements leads to an excellent result, such those as weddings and events organized by her.

You study a project together, everything is chosen based on the tastes of the couple, but guided in order to make everything uniform and not trivial. Another detail that should not be underestimated is the timing… with her help it will be completely fluid and without unpleasant surprises.

The job of a wedding planner is to make the wedding day perfect and Valentina is the right person to help you make it happen! All this I have reported seems obvious, but it is not, is not easy to find such a number of capabilities in one person and your wedding day is unique! My advice is to rely on a real professional.
Diego & Giulia

How to summarize our collaboration with Valentina: love at first sight! In what has been one of the most important “events” of our life together as a couple, our wedding day, Valentina was a fundamental guide for us, the lighthouse in the fog towards a safe harbor. Never an imposition or obligation to do but only plain, resolutive and essential advices.

Valentina, in her great competence and professionalism, identifies herself with the person in front of her, perceives her desires and lives with her every moment with feelings and passion, to create some magic: the projection of the image of how that day will be is there, in front of you and you can already live it! Writing today, six years after that significant date is simple, because between us was born a beautiful bond of friendship. A wonderful and unforgettable memory. Thanks Vale!
Marco & Cecilia

Hi super wedding! Today we are at home, still excited thinking about our beautiful day which, thanks to you, was magnificent and spectacular. We eat a few sweets, we look at the pictures, we admire our outfits and our minds go to that day, intense and unforgettable. You were wonderful before, during and after.

We are very happy we met you and entrusted you with our special day. Your “assistants” were also enchanting. You have been a certainty of taste, quality, and elegance for us. In the months before the wedding you were at our side at all times for the most difficult decisions, for the dress fitting and even for just a word of comfort. We will never forget the pleasure of having met you and having drawn with you, your enthusiasm, your friendliness and your professionalism our most beautiful day! Thank you, with love.
Vincenzo & Natascia

It seems almost not true that six months have already passed since our wedding, yet my husband and I relive every moment and every instant with the same intensity as then. If we are still so enthusiastic about the “best day” of our lives, we just have to thank Valentina, for the care of every detail, the elegance, the advice and the moral and psychological support given. We have discovered a beautiful friendship with her that has never stopped! Thank you so much Valentina!
Alberto & Silvia

Thank you so much for being able to interpret, in the best way, our idea of ​​simplicity, delicacy and elegance.
Michele & Elodie

Dear Valentina, we are writing to you today with the same enthusiasm with which we have lived the day of our wedding. July 6th was an extraordinary day and we can only thank you. Your experience and commitment were an added value for us, determined to get married in just under four months and with some logistical difficulties to overcome: the 300 km distance between Pordenone and Parma were just one of the small problems to face when we spoke to you the first time about us and the wedding we had in mind.

Your advice has been really precious: the wonderful location that you suggested (we could not have found anywhere else the excellence, hospitality and courtesy of Il Pedrocchino), but the same goes for the taste of the florist, the kind Mrs. Gabriella, and for the discretion of the photographers, Edgar and Carla. Not to mention the set ups and details you personally cared for and the “definitely superlative” confetti you chose for us (it goes that the tastes corresponded to the groom’s preferences, but the supplier is all yours!).

Thank you for not paying attention to the timetables (late calls in the evening to evaluate the color of the bows and the details of the invitation cards), for having cuddled and reassured the bride and, ultimately, for having solved for us many problems that gradually showed up, allowing us to use the little time available for what we really could not delegate to you. With love.
Nicola & Flora

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